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The compliance deadline for The Final Omnibus HIPAA Rule was in fall of 2013.The federal agency that safeguards health information has significantly increased enforcement efforts, including multi-million-dollar penalties, onerous consent decree obligations, random audits and the empowerment of state Attorneys General.

Medication Administration

Medication administration is, perhaps, a nursing staff’s most challenging aspect of care. With risk management, quality of care and regulatory compliance implications, compounded by an ever-widening variety of medications and increasingly complex medication regimens, a well-educated and trained staff is critical. This two-part series addresses proper preparation and administration of medications in addition to related areas of concern such as infection control, resident dignity and safety, medication administration strategies and operational aspects.


Ethical dilemmas abound for the healthcare leader. Advances in technology, cultural and religious diversity, mental health issues, lengthy chronic conditions and a litigious environment contribute to the complexities of decision making for the long-term care administrator. Learn what ethics is and what it is not. Dispel some of the myths associated with ethical behavior. Acquire an objective methodology you can use to first evaluate the course’s real-life case studies, and then those dilemmas you face in your own work.


The days of the old “Push and Pray” marketing strategies are gone. So how do you position your community as THE logical choice when consumers need the services you provide? Learn to leverage creative, relationship-building strategies to give your community the competitive edge

Corporate Compliance

Are you in compliance? The Affordable Care Act requires healthcare providers and suppliers to execute a compliance program that is “effective in preventing and detecting criminal, civil, and administrative violations” under Medicare and Medicaid laws. Avoid the consequences of noncompliance by assuring your compliance program meets the core requirements, as laid out by the Federal government.

PEPPER Program

The Program for Evaluating Payment Patterns Electronic Report (PEPPER) is now being sent to nursing facilities by CMS. This report is a critical tool, providing information about your community and how it compares to jurisdiction, state and national norms. Learn how to use PEPPER to your organization’s optimal advantage, analyzing your Medicare billing data for discharges and services that might be vulnerable to improper payments. It is vital that you understand how to leverage this new data resource.


Reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions is critical to your business. The Affordable Care Act mandates payment reductions to both hospitals and post-acute care providers with high readmission rates. Pathway Health’s 10-part rehospitalization series offers tools and strategies to survive in our new, highly competitive landscape. This best-practice approach combines the effective implementation of INTERACT 3.0 tools with expert support, resources, field professionals and educational programs.

ACO Series

With the advent of healthcare reform, today’s health care leaders are challenged to create value coordinating high quality, efficient and cost effective clinical and health care services. Leaders must manage transitions of care and learn how to participate within the ACO network. This series will help leaders establish effective relationships with post-acute care organizations and hospitals, understand outcome measures and their related transparency to all stakeholders and master how to create, maintain and communicate within an effective ACO relationship.

Census Development

Senior living faces record attrition, frailer new residents and shorter lengths of stay. A changed market requires new strategy and, for some organizations, a reinvention. This three-part series will guide you and your sales team through that process. Learn how companies operating in some of the most challenged US markets have transformed their cultures to achieved extraordinary success. Gain a step-by-step system to reduce the length of the sales cycle, close without discounts, and increase total move-ins. Unite sales and operations so they collaborate to attract–and keep–residents.

CEO Leadership Panel

At a national conference in Spring 2012, the CEOs of all of the major long-term care associations met to explore the future impact of leadership in long term care. The discussion focused on the how leadership affects the following areas: the long-term care market and modes of LTC, caregivers, the public image of long-term care, and administrators’ preparation for the future. This video is complimentary.